We are currently offering the following

ALL YOU CAN EAT options.

Sunday, April 14th

ACYE Snow Crabs – Available

AYCE Blue Crabs – Available

Last Seating – 7:00PM

Last Seating For AYCE Crabs
Tuesday * Wednesday * – 8:00PM
Thursday * Friday * Saturday – 8:30PM
Sunday – 7:00PM
Please call for information: 443-485-6007

*No Refunds On Mick’s All You Can Eat Crabs!*
All You Can Eat Blue Crab are ALWAYS Minimal Size & Weight
If you are looking for a heavy & full crab we have premium crabs available by the dozen in all sizes.

*All You Can Eat Crabs & Crabs By The Dozen CANNOT be mixed at the same table.*
*Price DOES NOT Include Tax or 18% Service Charge*